Are you running away from something? What are you running from or doing everything possible to avoid? What if you turned and faced it?

What are you putting off, making excuses about, pretending is not there? Imagine the clear, crisp freedom of actually dealing with it.

What work is your deepest purpose nagging you to do, that you just can’t bring yourself to start? What if you made yourself take the first step, and what if it wasn’t so bad?

What beauty, what value, what fulfillment, are you withholding from yourself, from life? Maybe this is the day to start doing the work that will bring it into being.

You have come a long way, with much to be thankful for. Now, put that thankfulness into action, and do what you are called to do.

You have been skillful and persistent at avoiding. Just think about what will happen now, when you put all that skill and persistence into action.

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